29 July 2021



With the latest Government orders in trying to control the virulent Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus taking lockdown in NSW to the end of August, the NSW Fiat Nationals Organising Committee has taken the heart-breaking decision to cancel the 2021 Fiat Nationals.

We had set an entry deadline of 13th August, but because of the lockdown ending now scheduled for 2 weeks after that, we cannot see that anyone can enter the event with any confidence, and even if things normalised by the start of September (which we doubt), 2 weeks is not enough time for us to activate many of the things needed for the event.

Sadly also, the 2020/21 Fiat Nationals Committee have decided that we are not prepared to just postpone the event until 2022. The last 2 years have taken their toll on at least two of the committee (Michael McGeorge & Martin Gallard) and we all feel it is not fair to ask that they keep the whole process going for another year. Therefore, we are announcing that the Fiat Nationals organising committee will have to be from another club the next time it is run. It may even be that the next Committee waits until the pandemic has run its course. We will start discussions with the other clubs immediately to gauge feedback from them.

Refunds for those who have entered will be processed as soon as possible by our Treasurer Susan Halliburton, who had to do this whole process last year as well!

If you have accommodation booked with the Mercure Goulburn, please contact the hotel directly to arrange your refund.

I’d like to now thank the 2020/21 Fiat Nationals Organising Committee for their time and hard work…

Michael McGeorge, Martin Gallard, Susan Halliburton, Rebecca Gallard, Ross Di Bartolo, Adrian Sandrin, Cheryl Sandrin, Kevin Halliburton, Mark Weinberger & Myself.

They have taken on a task which is hard enough in normal times, but having to do the work twice for no result has taken a toll and they now deserve a break. Please thank them when you next see them.

Also deserving of a big vote of thanks are our sponsors, who have stuck by us for the 2 year roller coaster.

They are Mastertouch Automotive, T124, Fiat Australia, Shannons Insurance, Mercure Goulburn, X1/9 Australia, Goulburn Mulwaree Council, Fiatorque Granville, Continental Spares, SAPE Group, Vittoria Coffee, Santa Vittoria, Brookes Engraving, NGK Australia, Penrite Australia, Snap Homebush Bay, Messina Gelato & Basile Imports. From all of the Fiat Nationals committee and entrants, we again thank you for your support.

The Fiat Nationals will be back, and we can’t wait to get you, our Fiat Nationals family back together for what should surely be the best event we will ever put on as soon as possible.

Yours FIATfully,

Warren Smith,


Fiat Club of NSW Inc.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0419 754515